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Chemistry first presented themselves in 2010 with a music video for a melodic rock song "Precious Time", which was positively reviewed by Interview Russia, a famous online magazine. The second release was a music video for "Swimming With The Sharks", starring many Moscow theatre and cinema actors. Both videos are still in rotation on the 1st Musical Channel's Hipstorama show.


During the next 5 years after the first music video Chemistry didn't do any live shows. Yulya Yudenich, frontwoman of the band and also formerly known as a club promoter, was carefully looking for musicians to join the band.


By the time of the first live show in September 2015, Yulya wrote 12 songs together with various musicians. Half of them were created with Dmitry Zhuravlev, drummer of the legendary band The Alliance.


The result is a diverse program combining romantic ballads and dance songs in various styles – pop-rock, brit-pop, disco and trip-hop.


"If we talk about benchmarks, we were inspired by our favourite bands – The Strokes, Massive Attack, Keane, The Cure or even Pet Shop Boys and Junior Boys. All of them blended into a crazy musical cocktail, to which we've added something personal from ourselves, and that's what Chemistry songs are" – says Yulya.